25 years international
experience in cargo logistics
Company M Sped was established in 1996, offering cargo logistics by vehicles
25 years international
experience in cargo logistics


About us


Company M Sped provides international cargo logistics by vehicles in Europe. The main routes are Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. We offer partial and full load logistics, and the last ones are the most. Our strategy is based on rational vehicles location within Europe, what helps us to react and load the cargo in 12-24hours upon any customer needs. Trucks go by mainland as well as using ferries. Our main advantage is to deliver goods by our own trucks, by loading it at consignor and unloading it at consignee, so practically “door to door”. This helps customer to interact directly with shipment executer not indirect persons, thus saving the costs. Direct interaction with carrier guaranties the best possible service and level of responsibility.



M Sped pays the highest attention to company image and trade mark. Our vehicles are easily recognizable on Europe routes by bright and tasteful ads on trucks and trailers. Trucks drivers are fit with uniforms with company logo. The amount of advertisements we put in business media is also considerable. But the most important – we always strive to work the way to leave the best impressions and our customers would be proud on us as trustable and reliable partner.


We acknowledge the value of quality and highly productive technologies, thus we are investing considerable funds yearly in vehicles from the very beginning. Each year a couple of units are added to our park and 3-4 year old trucks are replaced with new ones. We purchase new and modern VOLVO, MERCEDES BENZ and SCANIA vehicles. In addition, we purchase new semi-trailers.


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